Dedetepe Farm is an eco farm-camp mainly producing olive oil. They have been hosting volunteers for 6 years. Since 2010 the farm have been functioning as a camp for eco minded travelers and providing the accommodation for the educational workshops held at the Camtepe Education Center (Bugday Org.). Dedetepe Farm is closely related to the Bugday Organisation supporting ecological living.

All of the structures that they have created on the site have been ecologically constructed and their energy is sourced from sun and wind. 

The camp is set in the olive groves of the Kaz Dag region, next to a beautiful river and 3km from the Aegean sea.
Mohammad & Kayan, Dedetepe
Anne Marine, Dedetepe
Elif, Dedetepe
Umut, Dedetepe
Dilşad, Dedetepe
Jona, Dedetepe
Erkan, Çetimbaşı
Güneşin, Çamtepe
Visitors, Dedetepe
Shereen & Kayan, Dedetepe
Dorukhan, Dedetepe
Simru, Dedetepe
Doğa, Dedetepe
Berkay, Dedetepe
Selda, Dedetepe
Naz, Dedetepe
Anday, Dedetepe
Szandra, Dedetepe
Çağrı, Dedetepe
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